Acupressure massage in Kiev

Ancient Oriental healers noticed that a human body, like all other living organisms, follows the laws of nature. Later it was learned that the negative impact of natural phenomena on the body can be alleviated, if not completely removed by stimulating certain vital points on the human body. Over time, using such point stimulation people learned how to improve the overall health and restore functions of vital internal organs. Thereby, the art of acupressure - one of the most ancient and highly effective methods of treatment - was born. 

Time erases the limitations. What was once given to the elected, now can be shared by each one of us. There is no point in taking time off work to go to the East, when you can get a wonderful point massage here in Kiev! In modern massage practice there are about 400 points and several methods of their stimulation that enable to find an individual approach to each person. The stimulation of body points contributes to the harmonization of energy, normalization of functions of all important internal organs; it improves circulation, reduces muscle strains and aches and pains of any kind. 
We offer you the most effective acupressure in Kiev – relaxing as well as stimulating. If it is a relaxing massage the masseuse applies slow and deep movements of different kinds from vibrations to pressure using fingertips. During a stimulating massage the pressure is more intense, and stimulation of points is short. 

The effect of acupressure depends on the correct determination of points and on the perfectly mastered technique. Only real gurus will not harm your body, but heal your body and soul. The improper stimulation of neighboring points can do harm. This is why this kind of massage should only be performed by a qualified masseuse.