Anti-cellulite massage in Kiev

Every woman regardless of her age and build sooner or later stops in front of the mirror and realises that she is not as slim, as she wants to be. Besides excess weight there is one more problem, which torments almost every woman. And this problem is cellulite. 

Cellulite is a disorder of the surface layer of epithelium and subcutaneous tissue. It is the subcutaneous tissue that is responsible for the “orange peel syndrome”, a nightmare of any modern woman. 

Cellulite develops due to improper metabolism in lymphatic ducts and blood vessels. Excessive fluids are retained under the skin and cause this uneven appearance, which is called cellulite. So how can we get rid of this unpleasant thing quickly and prevent its development? 

Anti-cellulite massage in Kiev is an excellent treatment and a preventive measure. This procedure stimulates the outflow of lymph and excessive fluids, improves metabolism and even helps to loose weight and correct the figure. 
Anti-cellulite massage is based on the effect of the electromagnetic field, which forms under the hands of an experienced massage therapist. This field activates the work of epithelium cells. Smooth movements and energetic pressure work miracles in the anti-cellulite therapy! Just after a few treatments you can cleanse you system, improve metabolism and forget about your problem zones. 

It is practically impossible to get rid of cellulite only with the help of special gels and creams. Only combined therapy will help you to finish with this delicate problem.  Therefore, anti-cellulite massage in our salon is performed using special cosmetic preparations. Such combined therapy is especially effective.  Our massage helps to improve your body and skin condition. Let’s all look healthy and attractive with the help of Kievtantricmassage salon!