Aromatherapy massage in Kiev

Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew about the miraculous effects aromatic oils have on the human body. Aromatic oils are full of herbal powers and solar energy; they have healing, revitalizing and purifying properties. Therefore, they are used worldwide in special procedures and rituals to achieve harmony between the spiritual and physical spheres of human nature. The application of the oils itself is called aromatherapy, i.e. treatment using aromas. 

Aromatherapy massage is one of the fields of aromatherapy; it is used to help people fight daily fatigue and exhaustion. To carry out such a ritual professional massage therapists carefully choose aromatherapy oils, taking into consideration their individual properties. Only this way it is possible to achieve good therapeutic effect with absolutely no side effects. The magic of different aromas and the skills of your massage therapist will result in improved muscle tone, they will help your body to start the recovery process, relieve straining and muscle pain, breathe new life into your body. After just one treatment you will completely forget about migraines, stress and negative emotions.

If you want to try aromatherapy massage in Kiev, come to our salon! Our real gurus of Tantric massage and a ritual of body worship will perform it especially for you. You can get any kind of massage you like: general relaxing massage, stomach massage, back massage, foot massage, head and face massage. In our salon you can get aromatherapy massage at any time of the day. Every treatment is accompanied by a pleasant ritual of preparing your skin to the absorption of beneficial aromatherapy oils. Your skin should be cleansed and your muscles should be relaxed, so that a therapeutic effect can be achieved. 

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