Back massage

We all know about therapeutic massage (in particular, massage for spine correction, for salt removal, etc.), which can solve a lot of health problems. However, not all clients of massage parlors come in search for the "cure" for their physical ailments. What else makes us go to massage therapists? 

The answer is simple. Let’s take back massage, for example. How often after a hard day at work does your partner massage your shoulders to relieve tiredness and help you relax? Usually we are too lazy to do such things, and without even knowing it, we deprive ourselves of such a huge range of sensations from the bodily communication (massage is bodily communication!), making our sensual world commonplace and uninteresting. And to fill the void of our sensations, to get the vital energy, we come to the massage salon.

Back massage is really the most common type of massage. To avoid banality, a lot of techniques and devices allowing to vary the technique was invented . Back massage can be applied with palms, feet, elbows etc. Not to mention the more erotic types of back massage, in which objects of sexual desire are engaged- breasts, buttocks, lips, etc. In the East, such techniques are incredibly popular because people there have long been treating the culture of bodily pleasures differently, constantly inventing new techniques. People seek to experience this new techniques and come to massage parlors.

So it's quite simple. We try to escape from the daily routine, hoping at least for a short time to get destracted from the hectic rhythm of life and plunge into relaxation in the hands of a true guru of massage. The most powerful sensations for your body and mind - that's what makes massage irresistable. So live to the full and give yourself a treat!