Cosmetic massage

Cosmetic massage is considered to be one of the most natural ways to prevent skin aging. It is an effective means of normalizing the metabolism and blood circulation, this type of therapy can significantly improve the appearance and general condition of your skin. From the medical point of view cosmetic massage acts as an activator of natural metabolism, which in turn slows down the process of aging. The skin begins to get all the missing nutrients, the respiratory processes normalize, and the protective mechanisms within each cell begin to work properly.

However, such positive effect is not only due to physical processes - one of the leading roles is played by the energy component of this therapy. An experienced massage therapist is able to regularize the flow of vital energy in your skin, which is basically a recipe for everlasting health. That is why this massage turns into a real revelation, demanding full trust on your part and the highest skill on the part of the masseuse. 
Cosmetic massage is performed in a special room, protected from outside noise and curious eyes. Muted colors, flickering light of the candles, the warm hands of your massage therapist make you sink into another world of sensations, so far from worries and problems of your everyday life. 

Cosmetic massage is very different from the tedious treatments and procedures in beauty salons, because it works on your inner state. Sinking into the intimate atmosphere of massage, you will free your mind from unnecessary thoughts, thereby arousing hidden reserves of your mind. There is something erotic in this massage, something magical that is able to give you a real harmony of sensations, feelings and emotions. If you want to plunge into the world of new wonderful sensations, we are waiting for you!