Erotic Tantric massage

The hectic rhythm of modern life limits the purpose of human existence to a narrow scope of everyday problems and restricts it to only two constituents – work and home. Under such circumstances there is no time for other joys of life and the intimate side of human relationships becomes insignificant. 

Erotic Tantric massage can without a doubt help you to come out of this deadlock. This treatment is a centuries-old Oriental technique, which with the help of special soft and slow massage movements can help you to rediscover your erogenous zones, awake your forgotten sensuality and liberate the flow of the dormant vital energy. It is this flow of energy that can give you a general healing effect, the clarity of mind, the joy of new feelings, a considerable improvement of vitality and even surprising discovery of hidden talents and abilities. 

Erotic Tantric massage is performed in a fabulous atmosphere filled with slight aroma of special incenses, aromatic oils and relaxing meditative music penetrating deep into the subconscious. A session of this massage immerses you almost into the state of weightlessness and detachment from all worldly. 
This massage begins from the back and gradually incorporates all other body parts without exception. Soft sensual touches of the tender palms of your masseuse as well as bolder touches of her supple body merge; and like a mountain stream, getting stronger and then again weaker, continuously follow all your body curves. Little by little this growing flow of inexpressible sensations can culminate in an unforgettable explosion of feelings and emotions. 

Our salon invites you to a session of professional erotic massage and you are sure to get a lot of creative energy and get rid of oppressive tiredness and irritability.