FOOT Massage

The East, with its sophisticated philosophy and ability to value any inconspicuous little thing, invented an effective means of relaxation and replenishment of vitality – foot massage. This Thai technique of slow, painfully pleasant massage of the feet, can work miracles and surprise you with new, unexplored depths of sensuality and pleasure.

A traditional foot massage involves smooth, but deep stimulation of your feet and legs, which awakens your entire body, relieves fatigue, and fills your skin with vitality. Thai massage philosophy implies an existence of a great amount of vital points located on the feet and responsible for the proper functioning of individual organs and the body on the whole. The foot massage given by a professional will give you a lot of health benefits, as well as many magical sensations. 

The hands of your masseuse will soothe your body, make you forget about everything and carry you to the highest peak of pleasure you can get from a massage. Because of its sensuality, foot massage has long been considered a very effective means of erotic stimulation, likely to bring on a great passion and give much deeper sensations than mere sex. There are some points on the feet that are directly responsible for sexual pleasure. And indeed, the stimulation of these particular points can give you truly incredible emotions.

This eastern practice of foot massage has become incredibly popular throughout the world, and Thai massage today is almost always associated with sex. Those lucky people, who have tried all the wonders of foot massage, say that it's even more than sex, it's something completely new! The people of Thailand have given the world a truly luxurious gift, which you can now enjoy!