Four Hand Massage

From time immemorial people have been studying their bodies and finding new ways to achieve relaxation and pleasure. One of the ways to relaxation is four hand massage, the main purpose of which is to remove psychological tension, help to restore power and induce relaxation, and consequently - stimulate sexual arousal. This therapeutic massage is especially beneficial for men over 40 years of age. It is well-known that a great load of responsibilities, hard work and stress have its relentless negative impact on the overall state of health and on the sexual desire in particular. 

Four hand massage gives special wonderful sensations as two massage therapists massage you at the same time. Their movements are simultaneous and consistent, allowing you to surrender to a feeling of complete relaxation. Four hand massage is performed with special aromatic and massage oils, which have a powerful effect known since ancient times. 

A session of four hand massage in our salon is a sensual and at the same time a visual action, incorporating a series of simple gentle touches of two female masseurs and the movements of professional massage. All in all, the massage session presents you not only with an unforgettable lightness and a sense of peace and detachment, but also arouses you sexual imagination. And a beautiful relaxing music will add to the atmosphere.
Four hand massage covers the entire body without exception: from head to toe. Such massage is extremely helpful and always incredibly pleasant. After a magical session of this type of massage every man will experience an unearthly pleasure, and also will find within himself a source of inexhaustible energy. And this surely means that he is bound to succeed in all his endeavors.