Head massage

Head massage is a very common kind of massage therapy. Without even realising it, we massage our scalps everyday while washing our hair, combing it, wearing hats, etc. But only few of us know that our scalp can become the centre of very enjoyable sensations, when in the hands of a good massage therapist. 

Our hair hides a lot of sensitive receptors, stimulation of which can benefit our health and cause many pleasant sensations. The technique of head massage is quite simple, and it can be mastered by anyone wishing to give his loved one an ocean of pleasure. Light tingling sensations will give way to pleasant warmth, radiating relaxation all throughout the body. After all, how can you think about something else, when your head is in the skilful and caring hands? 

Very often head massage is given as part of a general relaxing treatment. This kind of massage helps to set the right mood, to distract a client from all worldly things and to give a sense of peace and warmth. 

The magic of fingers can work wonders. For many people, the relaxing effect of head massage becomes a real surprise, but after trying out this massage once, you are sure to want it again and again. This is a great way to relax the whole body, and at the same time scalp massage is a very effective "energizer" and a sexual stimulant in one. Such massage therapy has been in demand for a long time and is a very popular procedure in beauty salons. After just one treatment, you will feel an incredible lightness of the body, clarity of mind, and a renewed strength. And when at home after the treatment, do not forget to give a similar treat to your partner. The effect will turn out to be a pleasant surprise!