Leg massage

What a woman does not dream to give her legs a treat - to bathe them in rose petals and aromatic oils, to entrust them into the hands of an experienced masseuse, who knows exactly how and where to massage them so that it feels pleasant. Leg massage is a dream for everyone. So why not fulfil this dream right now? 

Leg massage is usually started with the feet. Ideally, the massage therapist should first wash your feet in warm water with all kinds of aromatic oils to relieve stress, to increase the blood flow and to prepare you for the massage. 

An experienced masseuse will pay attention to every inch of your feet, toes, and each indentation, because that is where the most important points are located, and stimulation of those points may have unexpectedly pleasant effect. After the foot massage she will move upwards and your ankles will get their portion of pleasure. Each joint will be gently warmed and massaged. Your calves will finally get rid of constant tingling and aching from wearing high-heeled shoes. Special attention is usually paid to the area at the back of your knees. It is a very delicate place, stimulation of which affects each person differently. 

Some people may feel tickling sensations, some may experience very nice light sensations going across the leg and contributing to the incredible pleasure of the whole process. 
The surface of the thighs is a completely separate issue. Here the therapist can use a great variety of massage movements - from the smooth kneading to the intense hacking. The type of massage manipulation depends on its purpose. If the goal is to relax a client, then smooth, slow, sliding movements are applied. If the goal is to improve muscle tone, then rhythmic tapping, vibrations and frictions are used.