Lingam Massage

It is well-known that with age a lot of changes occur in the human body, and the main change, perhaps, is the fact that blood begins to circulate with less intensity. This leads to disorders of the circulatory system and, consequently, to dysfunction of the body as a whole. All this stems from several things: sedentary lifestyle, constant stress, growing tension and lack of proper rest. All these factors result in destabilization of pressure, heart disease and problems with potency. It has been known since the ancient times that among non-drug methods high quality massage is the best for stimulation of blood supply. 

In the ancient language of Sanskrit male sexual organ is called “Lingam” and this word is translated as "The Wand of Light". The purpose of Lingam massage is to improve the overall health, establish the work of the prostate gland, improve blood circulation in the groin area, and liberate the creative energy by means of complete relaxation and immersion into the state of deep satisfaction. Tantric Lingam Massage for men is rooted in the distant past and is not associated with penetrative sex; it is intended to awake new sensations and expand possibilities. 
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A session of this massage is divided into two stages. Initially, your massage therapist will help you to relax and forget about all worldly concerns. This is achieved by having a relaxing shower with your masseuse and, if needed, by a general relaxing body massage, which prepares you mentally and physically for the second stage of the session. The Lingam massage begins with soft movements to warm-up muscles of the legs and abdomen. This is followed by gentle kneading of the entire groin area and the penis itself. This massage is very pleasant and after a few sessions you will notice positive changes in the general state of your health and in your sexual life.