Neck massage

Somehow we all feel that the neck is one of the most vulnerable places of our bodies, requiring protection and very delicate handling. Therefore, neck massage is very different from the usual back or thigh massage we are all accustomed to. The approach to this particular area should be gentler and slower. Only gliding, smooth manipulations can eliminate fatigue in this delicate region, which is very often left out during a massage treatment. Neck massage can relieve tension, help you to get rid of anxiety, relax your nerves and improve your mood. It is best, if neck massage is incorporated into the general body massage or if it is performed as part of face and scalp massage.

When giving your partner a neck massage, do not rely on your intuition – you should only be guided by his or her prompts and reactions to certain manipulations. A sure sign that your partner is enjoying the process is closed eyes and peaceful face expression. Still, for the best results it is advisable to ask a professional massage therapist to show you how a neck massage is done. And the easiest way to do that is to come to the massage parlor as a client. There you will be able to feel the effect of different massage movements and later try to practice them on your partner.

Try to recall your sensations during a tender kiss on the neck – are they very pleasant? Similar sensations you will experience during neck massage. The correct stimulation of very sensitive areas at the back of the head and behind the ears can become an unforgettable experience. Massage therapists know these and many other secrets and successfully use them in their practice. No client can feel indifferent to a wonderful and relaxing neck massage.