Oriental Massage in Kiev

Oriental massage originates from countries of Minor and Central Asia. It emerged in ancient times, more than three thousand years ago, and the technique of this massage was constantly refined and carefully passed down from generation to generation, from a master to an apprentice. Like all Eastern practices, this massage is based not only on the physical impact, but also on the strict adherence to certain philosophical principles. Now you have an opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the East without ever leaving Kiev. 

Oriental massage in Kiev is a unique offer. Our therapist diagnoses the client using hands, feeling the muscles, joints and the spine; she identifies your areas of tension - the so-called "energy plugs" that block the vital channels. After this the therapist applies gentle stroking, rubbing, kneading, stretching and twisting techniques, as well as pressure on the active points to unblock the energy and send it to the right direction. The main goal of this massage is to relieve muscles from stagnant blood and strain, to increase flexibility of joints, to stimulate normal functioning of internal organs and improve metabolism. Our knowledge and skills in this area will make your treatment a journey within, allowing you to discover the unknown sources of energy, and stimulating the self-healing function of your body.

Another distinctive feature of Oriental massage is the fact that it is applied with the hands (and in some cases with the feet) along certain lines - meridians. Moreover, no aromatic or massage oils are used during treatments. 
A course of Oriental massage in Kievtantricmassage salon consists of 12 treatments. And this is not a random figure. Each treatment is aimed at regulating the functions of a certain internal organ. Therefore, it is a good idea to finish the whole course of treatments.