Sensual Tantric massage

Sensual Tantric massage or as it is commonly called “sex massage” is rooted in the remote past. Several thousands of years were needed for this massage technique to be perfected by many generations. And the secrets of this massage technique were transferred only to the elite. 

If you want to experience this technique of sex massage in Kiev, our salon also has an honorary right to perform it. Sex massage in Kiev offered by our salon is always given by a professional and it can truly be called a renewal massage. This massage stimulates all sensual points of the human body and activates the inner energy called Kundalini. This energy is symbolically represented in the form of a curled sleeping snake at the sacrum area. When this wise reptile wakes up, it fills all energy channels of the body that pass along the spine to the head with such a powerful life-giving fire that a man can even reach an enlightened state (in modern language it is called "a state of insight"). 

The practice of Tantra is becoming increasingly popular in our country. Nevertheless, so far there is a widespread opinion that sex massage in Kiev is only a method of achieving sexual satisfaction. However, it is not true. Sex massage in Kiev offered by our salon is not just a primitive way to receive pleasure, but creation of a bridge between the material and the spiritual, between the body and the mind. This connection helps a person to become free from the burden of negative feelings and emotional turmoil and reach a new higher level of consciousness and awareness.

Sex massage in Kiev differs from other types of massage due to its unique movements and a special technique. This is not just a massage – it is in a way a ritual, a dance… This unique energy transferred through a variety of movements fills you with deep emotions and amazing pleasure. 

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