Tantric FAQs

What can I expect?

You can count on the fact that everything that happens during a treatment will remain a secret. In our salon hygiene and cleanliness is guaranteed. 
Our massage therapists work naked or in their underwear. 
The photos on our website are ours and they have been taken recently. 
Our salon really exists and our terms and conditions are true to fact, and if necessary we can prove it. 
We really do, what we say we do.

What would you recommend to someone, who wants to come in for the first time?

We would recommend you to study our website carefully and choose the kind of therapy and the Goddess, whom you feel most attracted to. Take your time to think about your expectations from a session with us. If you seek a deep relaxation, then we would offer a two-hour bathing ritual or a session of sensual massage. If you want to play a more active role in the joys of love, then try a 90-minute session of extended pleasure. If you want to learn how to satisfy a woman, then the lesson of YONI massage is ideal for you. 

Am I allowed to touch my massage therapist during a treatment?

During breathing exercises and meditation your Goddess will guide your actions and ask you to touch her in a special way to connect your chakras together. If you feel the need to touch your Goddess, do not hesitate to ask for her permission, be gentle, calm, and polite. The touching of genitals is prohibited. 

How much are your treatments and do they worth the money?

Our usual price is $ 300 for 2 hours. 
If you are looking for sex services, our treatments are not for you - we are not a brothel, we do not sell sex services. 
We offer a real Tantric therapy that helps people open up in a safe and healthy environment. We support the idea of sexual healing in the modern world. We teach Tantric sex techniques that can improve people's intimate relationships, promote good mental health, long and stable marriages, where children can live in love and happiness.