Therapeutic Tantric massage

The word "Tantra" has many interpretations. One of them is based on the origin of two Sanskrit words: "tanoti", which means "extension of consciousness" and "trayati" which means "liberation". Such interpretation is confirmed by Tantric practice, to which Tantric massage belongs. This type of massage is a whole system of magical touches, that induce physical relaxation and pleasure, give an emotional lift, a burst of vital energy, even a sense of inner illumination and in addition to it significant health benefits. 

It has been proven again and again that our inhibitions and complexes have a negative impact on our health. And if men add to it their constant responsibilities, a large amount of work and constant stress, their state of health leaves much to be desired. The healing power is within us. The therapeutic Tantric massage in our massage salon will awaken the dormant energy; start off the mechanism of self-healing and rejuvenation. 

It should be mentioned that the essence of therapeutic Tantric massage is not in the direct healing effect on the body. The essence of this massage is to create a special harmony between a man’s body and spirit, because if one of those two is infringed, the other one is directly affected by it. That is why Tantric massage affects each and every corner of your body from head to toe, and purposefully leads you to greater pleasure and relaxation, until your consciousness is almost lost in the world of unforgettable sensations. 

Therapeutic Tantric massage is a mystery, it has no boundaries of touch, on the contrary, massage in the groin area provides not only an exquisite pleasure, but also has an indisputable preventive and therapeutic action, improving circulation and restoring man’s powers.