To work in such salon as ours, you must possess special knowledge and corresponding skills. Our complete course of Tantric massage in Kiev will help you to gain these necessary abilities. If you are confident enough about your qualifications, check whether you satisfy all the requirements we demand of our job applicants. You should be a citizen of Ukraine, 18-35 years old, have at least some general knowledge about massage, as well as basic massage skills. To perform massage in Kiev you have to be deeply interested in Tantric philosophy and in feeling the energy of Shiva. It will be required of you to attend three practical seminars of massage in Kiev. Erotic massage will have to become your individual style; sexuality and no embarrassment about nudity – a special feature of your job; the freedom of sexual relations - one of your priorities. 

Healthy pride about your appearance and sexual charm will help you uncover an omnipotent Goddess within yourself. Your erotic costume and light natural make-up will make your divine beauty obvious to the clients and they will admire your sexuality and come to our salon to get the best massage in Kiev. 

Before you start working in our salon as a Goddess, you will have to take a full course of Tantric philosophy in International Tantra Institute of massage in Kiev. The certified instructors of the Tantra Institute of massage in Kiev will teach you to find your way in this enchanting and mysterious world of beauty. If you are interested, e-mail us your photographs (a close-up of your face, a back view) and your measurements. Due to ethical considerations we decided against specifying the estimated rate of pay on our website, so you are to state the amount you would like to earn. All job applications should be sent to the following e-mail address.